Est 1980 x Emichi limited edition "Lovers Rock Experience" collection


loveR's ROCK

The most enduring love stories often repeat themselves during different times, at different places, and in different people.

As Estelle built the framework for her fifth full-length and first album for the newly minted partnership between her own Established 1980 label and VP Records, Lover’s Rock, the multiplatinum GRAMMY® Award-winning UK singer, songwriter, actress, and humanitarian realized a pattern. Her own relationship experiences bore a subtle resemblance to those of her Senegalese mother and Grenadian father who “got together, had children, broke up, found each other again twenty years later, and happily married a decade after.”

Sharing her personal life without a filter, the process continued a long tradition of sharp straight talk.







She initially teased the offering by way of “Love Like Ours” featuring Tarrus Riley. Within a few months, it cracked seven million cumulative streams and earned acclaim from Essence and Complex who declared, “Estelle has a knack for creating songs about love, and her latest might be one of her best yet.”

Produced by Harmony Samuels, the follow-up “Better” featured on Reggae Gold and heralded the album’s impending arrival. Pairing her silky delivery with finger-snaps and airy percussion, it slips into an Island-inspired cadence before a high-energy breakdown as she proclaims, “No one in the world can love you better.”

“I wanted to make something that captured the feeling of walking into a room and knowing at the bottom of your heart, this other person is the one,” she says. “It pushes through your spirit. You know you’re going to be together forever.”


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